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Hello Internet and wowgamers! Welcome and thank you coming to visit the Crisis Core Guild Website!

My name is Nineslover and I am the guildmaster of Crisis Core. Along with my wife, Head Officer, and our web site designer. As a guild we are focusing mainly towards 10 man hardcore progression and as side projects RBG's as well as fun guild events. Before we made this guild I myself have been through 6/7 Firelands getting Rag down to 11% ! Lol.. kinda lack luster to have the boss down 1% before downing him however we are hoping to change this soon. With your help and your involvement with the guild we are hoping to easily push pass Rag and start heroic content FL as well as the future Dragonsoul raid instance soon to come in patch 4.3.

Our raid leader who is our feral tank druid named Shiyou is great at giving instructions in order to make the boss go down in the smoothest and most efficient way possible. So by following instructions we will have the maximum potential needed in order to complete our goals as a raid group and guild all together! As of right now we have 5 out of 10 members needed currently in order to start raiding.

Again. Our tank spots have been filled as well as most of of our dps slots, We also have myself who will be healing. And so with that said we currently need 2 more healers as well as a few more dps.. while trying to min max our raid buffs and 10 man raid potential we are hoping to find a holy paladin as well as a resto druid as our 2 other healers. As for dps we are in great need of a shadow priest and/or balance druid.As well as a frost deathknight to fill our second melee dps slot.
As well as a fun and persistant bunch who are determined to complete our goals in order to show everyone what we are made of as well as our own satisfaction of being able to go at our full potential without holding back. For communication we are going to be getting a vent channel set up and will be posted on our website as soon as possible.
Also as for raid times we are aiming more towards the weekend because through discussion with my officers and members we felt like we could probably see most attendance from people as no one will be in school and work.. However our raid times are still not set in stone because I wish to have a meeting with the guild once we have enough members for raiding to see what times would suit best for everyone.

As a guild we are also focused towards the members as officers and myself. Meaning that we are here and willing to help you when it comes to gearing, role assitance and to help you get settled into the guild. So please make no hesitance to come and talk to us. We wish to help you be the best you want to be so then we all can benefit.
The guild roster is going to be small asides from our alts should you decide to bring them in so then we will be focused more towards one raid group.

Lastly I would like to point out the obvious that we are a fresh guild. Just created shortly ago. However with the determination as well as focus and activity of our members we will soon be reaching to the top. And we would like your help. Please help us and we all together will show what we really are! Thank you for visiting once again and if your interested you can get a hold of me on wow with
my email address! Thank you everyone!
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So yeeeeah.

Amichu, Oct 23, 11 2:34 PM.
So.. Our schedule has been slightly icky. But we're working on it. 6/7 last night,Kinda rusty. But eh,we got it done. :P Useless bosses dropped a bunch of shit we don't need. xD But grats to the people that did get some sexy shit. :) Keep it up,darlings. <3


Amichu, Oct 7, 11 6:33 PM.
Holy crap guys. First two days of raiding and we're already 5/7. We rock! \m/
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